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Copeland Angus Ranch

Welcome to Copeland Angus Ranch!

We began our herd of purebred Angus in 2010 with a goal of producing production-oriented cattle that can perform anywhere in the country. Since that time we have incorporated genetics from elite breeders such as Buford Ranches, Reisig Cattle, Werner Angus, Marshall and Fenner, and Kiamichi Link Ranch.


Currently our herd genetics are focused around daughters of Buford Elba 9000, Sinclair Lady 1C8 4465, Madame Pride 9832 and SAV 1094 mated to sires such as Buford Meatwagon Z406, BUF/KLR Blackhawk W969, SAV Resource 1441, EXAR Emblazon 8268, and SAV Bismarck 5682. We utilize artificial insemination, embryo transfer and invitro fertilization to achieve our goals.


Our farm rests on top of beautiful Crowley's Ridge located in Northeast Arkansas. We are 10 miles south of the Missouri border, 20 miles north of Jonesboro and approximately 75 mile Northeast of Memphis, TN. We cordially invite you to take a look for yourself at what we have to offer. We truly believe our cattle could impact your herd and invite you to come take a look at any time.